Career Pathways


 The move towards place-based care (services in the community rather than in hospital) requires greater focus on developing community and primary care workforce, whilst considering cross system workforce solutions. In future years the vast array of job roles that already exist in Primary Care will increase as we start to see these new models of care evolving, with services moving from acute trusts to community.

The headings below capture the main career pathways that currently exist in Primary Care and provides details of the education and development routes available. In the coming years we hope to explore more cross organisational placements and workforce schemes, to allow both new and existing workforce the chance to truly understand the patient health and care journey. If you are a provider of educational placements and training, and would like to consider cross organisational opportunities please contact your local Training Hub.

For information such as opportunities, pathways and progression, typical hours and pay grade for a particular role, please view the options underneath.