Workforce Transformation

 Across Cheshire and Merseyside partnerships are evolving to form integrated care systems. In an integrated care system, NHS organisations, in partnership with local councils and others, take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards, and improving the health of the population they serve.

Local services can provide better and more joined-up care for patients when different organisations work together in this way. For staff, improved collaboration can help to make it easier to work with colleagues from other organisations.

The Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership Business Plans summarise developments and plans to-date to address the challenges across all our different communities -

Much work is already underway at a local level with the development of Care Communities and Primary Care Networks but there is still much to do. The Primary Care Academy and Training Hubs are working with these networks and organisations to support with planning and developing the requirements for both future and existing 'out of hospital' workforce.

Further information and links can be found in the tabs below:

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The Cheshire and Merseyside Primary Care Academy aims to support existing and future primary care workforce organisations to:

  • Understand workforce needs
  • Promote careers and engagement
  • Consider education and development
  • Identify workforce requirements for service delivery

Objectives for 2018/2019 include:

  • To support practices and increase student nurse placements by 15%
  • To develop the PCA collaborative, including coordinating and promoting the work undertaken by the training hubs
  • Promotion and coordination of apprenticeships across Cheshire & Merseyside
  • Promotion and coordination of Physician Associate student placements across Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Development of work experience programmes
  • Development of preceptorship and induction for General Practice Nurses (GPN)
  • Develop a workforce management solution to support with student placements in general practice
  • Consider training hub support for medical students and GP training in practices

Our Mission Statement

"To support the delivery of a highly skilled and satisfied workforce, whilst creating opportunities and career pathways leading to desirable working environments for NHS out of hospital workers, in order to better meet the current and future needs of the Cheshire & Merseyside population"